Beyond offering our customers the freshest ingredients available, we also take pride in offering lifestyle / dietary options.

Gluten Free
Dairy Free

Signature Items

Here at SFMG we take pride in offering you chef inspired "signature items."

We believe these are great combinations of what Salsa Fresca has to offer! These options not only allow you to experience the best of what Salsa Fresca has to offer, but it takes the guess work out of "building your own", Especially nice for the people who want to take the guess work out of building a delicious meal!

Build your own

If getting creative suits your fancy, then the sky is the limit at Salsa Fresca!

All of our food is freshly prepared from scratch in every store each day. Our service line is more expansive then the ordinary “fast casual” Mexican Grill. So you will be pleasantly surprised to find the freedom to become as creative as you like.

Choose from our slow braised citrus chipotle shredded BBQ beef, slow cooked achiote pulled pork, fresh grilled chicken breast, marinated in our house spices and cooked to order throughout the day and night to be as fresh as possible. Additionally, we offer an authentic ancho chili ground beef, roasted veggies including chayote squash with a unique combination of spices and flavors as well as our poblano rajas (pronounced ra-has) which is seared poblano peppers, onion, along with yellow and red bell peppers.

Beyond the main protein choices, we offer our own freshly made taco bowls, handmade salsas, guacamole as well as the best queso around! Don’t forget about the citrus chipotle bbq sauce, buffalo sauce, or our house made chipotle aioli to add an extra kick to your meal, or go with our amazing cilantro lime vinaigrette dressing also made from scratch in house. It’s outta this world!